Turn Your Kid’s Art (Or Your Own) Into Greeting Cards!


We love to encourage children to express themselves artistically, but the resulting truckload of masterpieces can be OVERWHELMING. Since it’s often impossible to save them all, it pays to get creative when deciding what to do with them.

Here’s an interesting idea that respects your child’s flourishing talent, shares their beautiful artwork with others  and gets abundance out of your house!


It can be difficult to always get birthday, anniversary, holiday or any other cards out on time.  Try keeping your kids art, envelopes, stamps and blank cards (pick some up at your local dollar store) near your calendar.  That way, when the time comes around, you have everything at your finger tips!

1. Making the card is easy! All you need to do is choose your piece of artwork.

2. Then, cut it to a manageable size (without losing the integrity of the image)

3. Finally, paste it to a blank card (or a folded piece of construction paper!)

4. VOILA!  You have successfully created a beautiful and unique card while recognizing and sharing your child’s artistic talents!


Happy Creating!

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This mosaic was created by one of our newer students.  Mike Jones, 43, has only been attending The Imagination Studio for about 8 months but he already feels right at home.  Mike moved to Chico a little over a year ago, and began attending our Open Craft Night classes as a way to get familiar with the community and explore his creative side.  Prior to joining us in the studio, Mike had ZERO experience working “creatively.”  He says that when he found IS he felt instantly at home.  “It’s such a fun and welcoming environment!” he raves, “The Imagination Studio is a beautiful place to meet interesting people and get in touch with yourself.  No where in town will you feel so invigorated!” He created this beautiful mosaic piece for our upcoming Summer Exposition.  Mike was inspired by the influx of wildlife in the spring time and his new passion for creating, hence the simple title of the peice, “Create”.


To learn more about this piece, our upcoming Summer Exposition or classes please visit our website! 


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April Artist of the Month!


This is Lily. She’s 3.

 Lily is our artist of the month for the month of April!  We chose Lily because of her progress in her recent Mom & Me classes.  She showed us how much she enjoys art and being creative.  Her mom, Robin, tells us that Lily has been practicing her doodling skills while she’s at home too.  Her favorite thing to color? Their fluffy cat, Ferdinand. Lily enjoys art because she can make a big mess! Her favorite colors to use are blue and yellow.  She began her interest in creating when she started playing with play dough with her older cousins.  She has also recently enjoyed taking her artistic abilities to the streets! Now that the weather’s getting nice, it’s time to chalk up the sidewalks!


Congratulations Lily! Keep bringing color into our lives here at The Imagination Studio.  We can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

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Give your creativity a JOLT!

Having a hard time getting your creative juices flowing? Feeling like you can’t think of something innovative & new?  Sometimes, it’s inevitable that we run into a expressionless funk, but do not fear! There are plenty of ways to re-energize your artful mind and CREATE your most powerful pieces yet!

1. Take notes!

Creativity can strike at any moment, especially when you least expect it. A good habit to get into is to carry a notepad and a pen (or you can even use your smart phone!!) to record your creative ideas when they hit you!  Even if the idea seems small at the time, having it written down allows you to reference the thought in the future (like when you are struggling to come up with ideas!)

2. Relax!

 Writing down creative ideas as you get them is a great start to fueling your creativity, but that isn’t always going to be enough. In order to truly fuel your creativity you need to take time for yourself to  recharge. Feeling overwhelmed or stressed does not help your creative juices run efficiently; but if you feel relaxed and comfortable, your mind will be far more open to new and innovative ideas.

3. Exercise!

Your body & your mind effect your creative potential! A change of pace can often open up your creative flood gates better than anything else.  Some people like  long, leisurely walks to let your mind wander while others prefer a fast paced session at the gym to re-energize. Working out your body and your brain from time to time will help you to come up with better, more original and creative ideas when you need them most.

Exercise can often help you look at your materials in a new and interesting way!

4. Ask Questions !

Reward your curiosity by asking questions -lots if ’em! It may be hard to realize it, but when you ask yourself questions you are creating and sorting a system for the thousands of ideas in your mind. Asking a lot of questions means a lot of organizing, and thus a lot of new creative ideas to work with. So don’t ever be afraid to ask questions, in-fact: ask a lot of questions every chance you get!

5. Brainstorm !

You can never expect creativity to just happen, sometimes you need a little help from inspiration!  If you’re blocked on a certain project, try looking at similar projects for motivation.  Sometimes it’s easier to generate new ideas if you have some background to case them off of.  Another good technique, is to create an inspiration is to look at new sources. Try reading a book, visiting a museum, listening to music or engage in a lively debate with a friend!

Looking for even more ways to jump start your creativity? Check out this list from www.todayandtomorrow.net.

33 Ways to Stay Creative

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Art Saves Lives!


This collage was created by one of our students, Krystal Smill, age 16.  Krystal has been coming to the Imagination Studio for 2 years now and has created countless pieces of beauty.  Here at the Imagination Studio, we admire Krystal’s creativityspunky spirit and her effervescent smile! Krystal created this multi-media masterpiece for an upcoming art show at her high school.  She used newspaper & magazine clippings, oil pastels & her personal favorite, Mod Podge!
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