Turn Your Kid’s Art (Or Your Own) Into Greeting Cards!


We love to encourage children to express themselves artistically, but the resulting truckload of masterpieces can be OVERWHELMING. Since it’s often impossible to save them all, it pays to get creative when deciding what to do with them.

Here’s an interesting idea that respects your child’s flourishing talent, shares their beautiful artwork with others  and gets abundance out of your house!


It can be difficult to always get birthday, anniversary, holiday or any other cards out on time.  Try keeping your kids art, envelopes, stamps and blank cards (pick some up at your local dollar store) near your calendar.  That way, when the time comes around, you have everything at your finger tips!

1. Making the card is easy! All you need to do is choose your piece of artwork.

2. Then, cut it to a manageable size (without losing the integrity of the image)

3. Finally, paste it to a blank card (or a folded piece of construction paper!)

4. VOILA!  You have successfully created a beautiful and unique card while recognizing and sharing your child’s artistic talents!


Happy Creating!


About recr422lizaworden

I love arts and crafts, learning new things, trying crazy food and glitter!
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